Corinne Imberski is a Chicago based dance performer, choreographer, improviser, and educator. As an independent dance artist, Corinne has presented solo and ensemble works for over thirty years, at venues grand, small, and impromptu. Most recently, in January 2020, she presented the shadow comforts the body at Links Hall, a project she created as a Co-MISSION Summer Residency recipient. In April of the same year, Corinne started the video project Roof Series 2020 as a response to life in quarantine and crisis. She has staged her choreography throughout the country, including at the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Columbia College Chicago, Grand Valley State University, University of Toledo, American College Dance Festival, RADfest, Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, Toledo Museum of Art, Dance Art Museum of the Americas Project, Dance Dimension, and at the Cranbrook Academy.


As a choreographer, she finds her inspiration from music, visual art, the natural world, literature, psychology, and sociology. Endlessly fascinated by the rhythms and tensegrity of the human body and mind, her work combines physical movement with gestural narratives that illuminate the interconnectivities that dominate our individual and collective lives. Her work appears at the intersection of abstraction and vulnerability and is an exploration of duality. It is a reconciling of opposing forces in an effort to find balance and resiliency. She is a shifter of shapes. She strives to express
the melodies and rhythms of music and of one’s own body, to understand the importance of gesture, to feel the ground and the air, to range from cantilevered to centered, to find comfort and stillness, to take risks. Her choreography aims to connect with the inherent intellect of the body, to find the freedom, strength, and stamina to increase the possible range of physical response—to have the body meet the power of the imagination. She experiences dance as a dialogue or conversation, a chance for
connection—between the movement and music, between the present and memory, between the performers, and with the audience. The Chicago Tribune praised her as having “sensitivity and keen sense of weight and energy shifting through the body creating an infectious dynamic”. Her choreographic work has been called “silky-smooth, delicate and [a] detail oriented ride” and “quietly magnificent”.

In addition to presenting her own work, Corinne also performs and collaborates with Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape and RE|dance group, both based in Chicago.

Please visit her website for more information.